Come learn ITS with me and the rest of the ITS Teachers Team 🥳

I will be teaching ITS level 1 online through the Sigil School on...

Thursday 10-21-2021 &. Thursday 11-4-21 from 7-8 Eastern Time

All of the other Thursdays, I will be there learning from the other amazing ITS teachers. These are LIVE zoom classes. Join the community and learn, practice, and have fun with us.


7:00 Eastern Time (NYC time)

link to register:

Directions to get into the class.

  1. Register here...

  2. Log in on sigil school

  3. go to the upper right hand corner to "products"

  4. scroll down to the class.

  5. Click on the link and it will automatically redirect you to the zoom link.

  6. come dance and have a blast!!!

If you can not make the Thursday class... no worries! There is also Tuesday class at 1:00 Eastern. Here is the link to register for the Tuesday class