Amy Sigil 

Amy Sigil is a dancer, mover, choreographer, director, coach, team builder and artist.  She enjoys bringing movement to people in a variety of settings to facilitate team building, self-understanding, and growth. She created a style of group improvisation called Improv Team Sync, practiced by hundreds of dancers all over the globe.  Check out more...


22+ hours of Instruction with Amy Sigil

PLUS this fun...

Plus additional hybrid dance opportunities to learn more deeply

Overpasses (2 hours)

Thursday       7-20-2023      6:00-8:00

Third Street Gallery

Introducing the beginning tools for going from downbeat right to downbeat left vocabularies. We will be working on leading from both left and right side of the Stagger formation. Welcome to the flip side! Open to all movers!  

Stay from 8:00-10:00 for an ITS JAM!!!

Welcome to ITS (2 hours)

Saturday          7-22-2023         12:30-2:30

Carnegie Stage - Studio

This workshop is a great introduction to ITS! A selection of Stall Movements, Combinations, Concepts, and Formations. Welcome to the group improv format that inspired the world! Open to all movers.

Dance Church (2 hours)

Sunday    7-23-2023   10:00-12:00

Sterling Yoga and Wellness

A movement meditation full of inspiration, depth, and messages from the universe. 

Sigil Method (2 hours)

Sunday    7-23-2023        1:00-3:00

Sterling Yoga and Wellness

Sigil Method is a way to organize movers in a space giving opportunities to both lead and follow. These formations change quickly like a game of chess and each player will have to pay close attention. Spatial awareness and teamwork come into play with every move. A super fun game with options for movement and expression. Open to all movers.

Amazing Hybrid Learning Opportunities 

We have an exciting oppurtunity to learn and perform a brand new Amy Sigil choreography in Pittsburgh.   To participate, go to and sign up.  Then join in and learn live, or asynchorously.  Everyone will show up in Pittsburgh already confident with the choreography.  Our time with Amy will work out details and staging.  We will perform for the Saturday Performance.

Be a part of the creation of ITS!!!!  This is a very special oppurtunity to see and participate with the ITS community.  We will dance the BRAND NEW DLB COMBO VOCABULARY we create in the ITS LAB on Sigil School April, May and June.   Labs are Wednesday and Thursday or by recording.   There are hundreds of membership options to explore. 

Google map of 

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Workshop Venues

We have an exciting schedule planned for the Intensive and Workshops and Jam and Performance.  

They are all located within 7 minutes of each other.

We will be dancing in 3 different studios...

The google map plots all of these locations, plus other hot spots in pittsburgh. 

The Carnegie Stage and Studio

Carnegie Stage & Studio

25 West Main St 

Carnegie, PA 15106

Sterling Yoga and Wellness

Sterling Yoga &  Wellness

393 Vanadium Road 

Pgh, PA 15243

Third Street Bellydance

3rd Street Bellydance

 223 3rd Ave

Carnegie, PA 15106

Where to Stay in Pittsburgh

Tips on Choosing Where to Stay... 

We will be doing all of our workshops and show in the area south of the city of Pittsburgh, called the South HillsThe main city of Pittsburgh is downtown where the 3 rivers intersect.   It is 6 miles away. 

We will be dancing in the suburbs south of the city, so if you would like to be located near there, you will want to search for places near the studio, find an airbnb or hotel in areas close to Carnegie, Heidelburg,  Greentree, Bridgeville, Bethel Park.      If I was coming in from out of town for this intensive,  I would find a comfy AirBnB in (or close to) Carnegie. 

A few more minutes away is Robinson, which is closer to the airport and has many airbnb/hotel/motel options and tons of places to eat and shop.  There are also hotels near the South Hills Village.  

If you want to stay in the city, search Pittsburgh, Mount Washington, Lawrenceville.  . 

If you want to stay in the country, search Washington PA.  You will need a car. 

here is a link to AirBnBs in the area.   This is the closest and cheapest options. 

This is a  nicer and newer hotel.  It is close to the studios.  It  has a pool and food.   If I were coming to this intensive, and prefered hotels over airbnbs, I would stay here.  

In the North Shore of the CITY:

You can get a beautiful hotel with a city view that  is an 11 minute communte (45 in rush hour).  The Landing Hotel is a brand new hotel on the North Shore with a great view of the City.  There are a lot of things to do all over the place. 


Here is the link to rent a cabin.  It is located in the country south of Pittsburgh.  This is a 30 minute drive from the studio, and you would need a vehical (or carpool) to get around.  There are food and things to do closeby.  


If you have an RV... here is the link to book a spot.    If you don't have an RV, but want to rent one, here is a site.  I never tried to do this, so good luck and keep us posted on your adventure.  rent an RV

Rent an RV to be delivered to your RV site (that you have to rent seperately). 

Ways to prepare for the multi-level Intensive using Sigil School... 

Level 1 ITS taught live by Amy Sigil. If you are from Pittsburgh, join us for a hybrid stagger.

Level 2 DBL

The ITS Level 1 Manual

How to continue on your ITS journey after the intensive...